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Bravo, Bob, for another great concert at The Luna Star Cafe in North Miami last March. It was an evening to cherish. Just wanted to say that I hope you have plans to include "Perspective" on your next album. I can hear it as a show tune. It would make a great duet. I can hear in in different languages. The beautiful chord changes remind us that you still are the consummate musician, songwriter, and performer. Again, I want to thank you for another a killer performance. I have copied the lyrics below for others to read. Lady Tuptin


Words and music by Bob Lind
Written in 2007

What if you leave me
The faithful moon will keep on rising
Stars will shimmer birds will fly
The nights will fall and years will slide
Across me
When you leave me
I’ll still wake up I’ll still grow old
And close the door against the cold
The same red plastic cups will hold
My coffee
The world will still go on the world won’t know you’re gone
What if you leave me
The setting sun will still be casting
Emerald highlights on the grass
The ordinary days will pass
Without you
When you leave me
Across the sea the Chinese rain
Will drop on thirsty fields and plains
And no one there will dream in vain
About you.
The world will still go on the world won’t know you’re gone
What if you leave me
These bolts will hold this chair in place
This soft and silky pillow case
Will yield the imprint of your face
When you leave me
The spring will turn the gardens green
I’ll find the time to mend the screens
And no one else will see these dreams
You lent me
The world will not recall the world won’t care at all

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