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Sufjan Stevens

Post by bob_32_116 »

This guy is my latest discovery, though he has been around for a while.

Seems that he is part of the scene called "indie-folk", which seems to mean music that has a few things in common with folk, but is nothing like traditional folk, nor anything like the folk-rock of Bob Dylan, Bob Lind, the Byrds or people of that ilk. Some of his songs sound a little like his namesake Cat Stevens, while others sound nothing like The Cat.

Sufjan is co-founder of the label Asthmatic Kitty Records, which has released music by a number of other artists in the folky vein, including Linda Perhacs.

Check out this one, from his most recent solo album, "Carrie and Lowell":
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Re: Sufjan Stevens

Post by grant »

If you like him, you might also dig Diane Cluck:

And Sharon Van Etten: ... B-&index=7

They seem to plumb some of the same depths.

They came out of the "anti-folk" scene centered in New York around the late 90s/early 00s, but were a little less in-yer-face punk rock-with-acoustic-guitars than Jeffrey Lewis or The Moldy Peaches. (Regina Spector is probably the biggest anti-folk name, but also didn't exactly sound like most of the others, since she was a pianist.)
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