The Greys reviewed...

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The Greys reviewed...

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Quite nicely, too:
Bob Lind
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“You’re probably wondering why a star as big as me is playing a bar as small as this” grinned Bob Lind playfully. “The truth is I like playing intimate venues.” After a fleeting brush with stardom in 1966 with ‘Elusive Butterfly’, Bob vanished from the mainstream, yet has remained a major songwriter, having been covered by over 200 artists from Aretha Franklin to Dolly Parton.

Drawing from new material from last year’s ‘Finding You Again’, Bob still treated us to the title song from his ultra-rare ‘Since There Were Circles’ LP and a surprise cover of The Beatles’ ‘For No One’, as well as of course ‘Elusive Butterfly’, which no longer seemed to be a mill stone for him.

Lind’s rhythmical finger-picking guitar playing was mesmerising, his unique wavering voice intact – there were moments during this very intimate concert when Lind was totally transfixing. Once again a true legend delivered.

The Greys, 2 September 2013
Rating: ★★★★★
Stephen King
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