Lind interview: Pale Blooms and Beyond

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Lind interview: Pale Blooms and Beyond

Post by grant »

There's a new interview with Lind over at the Pale Blooms and Beyond blog.

You might be interested in his thoughts on "the biz" and self-distributing and what it takes to reach a new generation of listeners.
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Re: Lind interview: Pale Blooms and Beyond

Post by Elizabeth »

Wonderful interview, Bob. You can still reach 18 years old more than 40 years later. Believe me, she'll never forget.

Thanks Grant.
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Re: Lind interview: Pale Blooms and Beyond

Post by Daniel H »

I always love reading these interviews with Bob. I always learn something new about his life, feelings and work. Very glad to hear you are interested in doing a new CD, Bob. I was wondering, reading the interview, if you found you interactions with publishers as unpleasant as your dealings with big wigs in the music business, though I know you haven't had as much contact with the latter as with the former. Even some big name writers have found working with publishers very frustrating, and cite the same difficulties with them as you had with music business executives.
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