Bob Lind at The Luminaire (again)

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Bob Lind at The Luminaire (again)

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Caught Bob's gig at The Luminaire last night and from the off it was a very cool night. If Bob did have any worries over how his return would be greeted these were immediately dispelled by the very warm welcome he received. A very good attendance not as many as for his first visit but then this was 'Bob's' concert, no celebrity guests, just Bob, his guitars, harmonica and great songs.
Relaxed, confident and in great voice Bob was enjoying himself. Friendly banter with the crowd the few old and many new songs getting an introduction with a self deprecating good humour. All the songs got a good reception and I think the majority of the audience would have happily stayed listening for a few hours more.
A few calls for Bob's older songs were replied to but the requests went unheeded. Bob played Cheryl's Going Home & Elusive Butterfly and is obviously proud of many of his past songs. No doubt the man who wrote these and so many other great tracks has emotionally and intellectually moved on but many of his audience hasn't! To a lot of folk, all ages were present in the crowd; these aren't 'oldies' just great songs that have struck a chord. Bob Lind keeps coming up with new songs I could never imagine him playing as an 'oldies' act but for me a few more memories, even if most of mine date from hearing them in the 90s rather than on original 60s release would be welcome. Although I guess this is more a discussion away from the tour page.
Back to the gig..Bob played a couple of encores and then came out to greet his many fans. Signing his CD's, chatting and posing for photos, a magical evening. And the tour is still going on!
If there's anyway you can get to the End Of The Road Festival, Bilbao and Brighton gigs!
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