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Judy Dyble

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This lady is yet another singer who has been around a LOOOONG time but only lately come to my attention.

Potted history:

- Original lead singer with Fairport Convention, beforre leaving to be replaced by Sandy Denny.
- Worked with a trio called Giles, Giles and Fripp, who were the precursor to King Crimson.
- Left the music business for quite a few years.
- Was part of a folky duo called Trader Horne, who released one album: "Morning Way".
- Released several albums in the early 2000's, none of which set the world on fire. Check out the album "Enchanted Garden" on Spotify. It's apparently out of print.
- In 2009 she released the album "Talking With Strangers", which I learned about via the connection with Tim Bowness of No-man. I highly recommend this album - progressive folk, if such a genre exists, with a slightly ethereal quality.
- The Follow-up, "Flow and Change" (2013), is similar and also verygood.

Here's a taste: the title song from "Talking With Strangers":

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