Suggestion re previewing messages

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Suggestion re previewing messages

Post by olgaberk1980 »

If there were one improvement I would make to the board, it would be that when previewing a message I get some sort of visual cue that what I am looking at is only a preview, it has not yet been submitted.

I cannot count the number of times (on this board and others) that I have composed a lengthy posting, previewed it to check for errors, perhaps edited it a couple of times, then thought "OK that's fine" and left without submitting the thing! Most of the time I feel like a stupid dickhead (perhaps I am), but cannot be bothered composing the thing all over again.

Perhaps a flashing border - or a pink background to distinguish it from the white background of messages that have been posted.
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Post by grant »

I know there's a way to do this. Wait, let me back up.

I'm pretty sure there's a way to do this. After poking around a little, I think I need to know more php than I currently do (that's the code this board was built with). Let me poke around some more and see if there's something someone else has already built to do that.

It *may* already be solved in phpBB3, which is the latest version of this software. On my looong list of things to do is move this board onto that version - but unlike a regular upgrade, I'd have to reinstall the software like it was a new program then insert all the data from this board into the new one as if it was a backup, and that gives me palpitations. Some deep breathing and a couple hours on a weekend might be enough to see us through that.
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